Tracks and Profiles


Clipso Profiles and Trims are an integral part of the Clipso Tension Fabric system.  Each project will require the use of a CLIPSO trim, and each trim is designed for use in specific situations. Once installed, most CLIPSO trims are virtually invisible, allowing the system to give impeccable finishes.

The large range of trims also allows for the manufacture of large rafts and clouds, light boxes, screens and other items, giving the Clipso system a range of uses beyond just a ceiling or wall covering.

Stretch ceilings, Acoustic ceilings, backlit ceilings and star light ceilings

These trims also allow for different mounting options, Stapling, Screws or Glue. Some of the trims are flexible and allow them to be fixed to most surfaces, this allows Clipso to be used on some complex architectural forms.  The range of trims allows the Clipso installer to select the best trim for the job, so the photos of the trims are for reference only.

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