Clipso Home Cinema Install

Cinema Stretch Fabrics

Cinema Acoustic walls

Home Cinema’s are a particular specialty of ours and we have installed in some stunning locations and properties for a range of private individuals including a film director. 

Home cinemas can have noise issues and we have a sound solution in our acoustic fabric backed with sound absorbing felt. Used on both the walls, ceilings and as a projector screen the fabric is incredibly versatile in these areas. 

This system is very economical with multiple benefits, maintenance free, areas covered quickly and cleanly, 

This versatile system allows for shapes and designs far and beyond the limitations of conventional plasterboard and wall covering and can be used equally well on both walls and ceilings.


  • Fabric can be printed with your choice of design and is maintenance free and guaranteed not to crack peel or flake.

  • The range of fabrics include three different micro perforated acoustic options for use in Home Cinema, conference rooms or in situations where background noise and reverberation may be an issue

  • Fabric can be used to conceal speakers and equipment with the sound projected through.

  • We use 5 metre wide fabric which means for most installations we can install the system without the use of joints creating a seamless backdrop for your application

  • We can combine the use of LED lighting and in particular backlighting to give the installation added impact

  • By using a fabric and perimeter track  Artolis can be installed with the minimum of fuss, mess and disturbance by our fully qualified installation team


We work with audio visual companies and if required can offer a turnkey solution.