Printed Feature Ceilings or Walls

Clipso specialises in custom printing on stretch fabrics. Clipso -Design enables you to have all the photos you love on your ceilings and walls.

This service offers a simulation of the image in your interior as well as the custom graphic design work needed, including color and image editing to adapt it to the covered area.

Printing on stretch ceilings and stretch walls is accessible to everyone: craftsmen, artists, architects, interior designers, indiciduals. These stretch fabric coverings have many applications such as tradeshow booths, stand alone shapes or as decoration accessories (e.g. a hanging picture frames, light boxes partitions, screens, etc.

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When designing a space, generally speaking, the first questions that arise are: How to maintain and protect your covering from dirt? How to have it resist to time and regular wear and tear? How to avoid it goes out of fashion quickly or to even getting tired of it? To address all these issues, Clipso offer printable stretch ceiling and wall coverings.



Creating a print stretch ceiling or wall covering

It all starts with your choice of image. You can choose from shutterstcks collections of images built in partnership with many photographers. You can also choose to submit your own photo. The image is then analyzed by our team to evaluate of its quality. If we consider the image print-ready to the size required for your ceiling or wall, we will process your project. Otherwise, our team will redirect you. Depending on the size of your stretch fabric covering and the number of other projects being processed at that time, your stretch ceiling can be created more or less quickly. Note, however, after confirmation on your end, the printing process will be started.

Throughout the process of building your project, you will be in direct contact with a member of our design team, who will advise and guide you. They will also handle the exchanges with our Design team to help you avoid extra work. When your stretch fabric is ready, the installers will carry out the install at your convenience.