They dont just look great they can sound great too. Stretch Ceilings can act as a special sound absorber. Acoustic stretch ceilings help the user to apply an acoustic treatment to any space without compromising the cosmetic look of the room. It will ensure the speech clarity over short distances, whilst reducing the total distance over which sound travels.


Our acoustic ceiling fabrics along with LED lights are used for delivering soft visual ambiance in the living areas. These LED integrated ceiling systems keep noise and lighting levels at an optimum level and open a comfortable living space.

Southern Soundproofers ceiling fabrics provide a range of stretch ceiling design opportunities to the customers for their room decoration by making a striking aesthetic appearance using colour, light and high gloss and provide illuminated gentle surface lighting with variable colour mix. The design possibilities with acoustic stretch ceilings has been significantly increased. 


This system is very economical with multiple benefits, maintenance free, areas covered quickly and cleanly, with prices as low as £85m² installed with an acoustic absorber behind the fabric.

This versatile system allows for shapes and designs far and beyond the limitations of conventional plasterboard and wall covering and can be used equally well on both walls and ceilings.


  • Fabric can be printed with your choice of design and is maintenance free and guaranteed not to crack peel or flake.

  • The range of fabrics include three different micro perforated acoustic options for use in Home Cinema, conference rooms or in situations where background noise and reverberation may be an issue

  • Fabric can be used to conceal speakers and equipment with the sound projected through.

  • We use 5 metre wide fabric which means for most installations we can install the system without the use of joints creating a seamless backdrop for your application

  • We can combine the use of LED lighting and in particular back lighting to give the installation added impact

  • By using a fabric and perimeter track Clipso can be installed with the minimum of fuss, mess and disturbance by our fully qualified installation team


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Acoustic ceilings - the ideal solution for all noisy rooms

Acoustic stretch fabrics were designed with one goal in mind: to absorb sound and to reduce the reverberations it causes. The combination of the cover and the absorbent material used helps reduce the reverberation rate by 6 seconds - the sort of acoustic performance that speaks for itself.

This is why CLIPSO fabrics are so highly thought of in restaurants, airports, cinemas, businesses, shops and hotels. Yet their technical characteristics mean they can also be adapted for use in private spaces such as flats and houses. No matter where you want to install them, you are guaranteed excellent acoustic performance with our acoustic stretch ceilings.

With our solutions, noise pollution will be a thing of the past, allowing you to make the most of your interior spaces. Could our acoustic solutions be the right solution for you?