Stretch Ceiling & Fabric wall coverings

Stretch Ceilings Installers in Hertfordshire and London 

Quiet Interiors are a small family run business with a fresh outlook on remodeling and interior design. We specialise in innovative wall and ceiling coverings.

Our Stretch ceiling materials are a sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable and innovative for creating a unique interior design and atmosphere in residential spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, hallways. They are equally used in commercial buildings which include Cinemas, restaurants, hotels, offices, and hospitals to name a few.

We offer a range of stretch material, both fabric and film, that are a great alternative to traditional types of decorating materials such as plaster, paint and wallpaper.

Artolis installs
Barrisol Stretch Ceilings

Acoustic Stretch Ceilings

Barrisol acoustic ceiling technology can be applied anywhere but our acoustic sheeting is a particularly popular option for improving the sound within enclosed public spaces such as museums, churches, music venues, swimming pools, restaurants and commercial offices.

Barrisol acoustic ceilings offer 4 uniquely perforated stretch systems, in over 200 colours and 8 different finishes. The degree of absorption offered by each option is regulated with high levels of precision, according to the specific needs of the installation.

Wall Prints

For the ultimate custom design, print any of your own personal image files to create custom murals or inspirational pieces. Or you can manually create your own work of art and our Graphic Design Specialists can adapt the artwork into a high-definition file ready to be printed onto any size project.

The possibilities are endless… and so is the size potential! Our wide-span printing capabilities allows you to print an image up to 5 metres wide by 45m long without joints or seams, or go even larger by marrying up multiple prints.

Back Lit Ceiling

Lighting is essential to admiring beauty as it creates ambiance and enhances the mood of a space. We offer solutions to incorporate lighting into your ceiling and wall projects. Create a distinct design element with our Translucent coverings, which are available in three levels of translucency: 30%, 50% and 70%. Or incorporate excellent acoustic properties into your design with our Acoustic Translucent coverings. All variations can also be custom printed. Adding a light source behind the covering creates a perfect design element for small or large-scale applications.